November 10, 2010

Structure silhouettes

These are some structure silhouettes. I use the vague term "structure" because I'm doing a painting that has a large structure in the background and I'm not really focusing on exactly what it is, but rather how it looks. It could be a gateway, an ancient ruin, an alien ship, obelisk. I had some basic design shapes that I wanted to play with, specifically a fin shape, so I thought I'd do a bunch of these and get them out of my system as well as explore some other shapes. I really enjoy doing silhouettes when I'm trying to narrow down shapes and designs that I like. When I do line drawings I tend to get caught up with the functionality of aspects of the design. Doing these lets me focus more on the overall feel and shape of the object rather than the specifics. I'll be sure to post the finished environment with one of these "structures" in it.