October 30, 2012

Speed paintings

I did these in the last three days, the first one was done from my head and the second two were from photo reference. You can tell the first one has a surreal fantasy look to it while the second two feel more grounded in reality. All three took 20 minutes, maybe a bit more, I'm trying to get in the habit of stopping at exactly 20 minutes, but it can be hard when you get neurotic about your paintings. Also, the job hunt continues, I'm trying to produce work daily and not get hung up on one piece and fiddle with it for days. I finally uploaded images to my cgHub account which I have had for years. Take a moment to check it out and give me some my work some love! http://echo.cghub.com/

October 24, 2012

Rain and characters

Been away for some time, busy with friends wedding, but that's all over now and the fall is here. I welcome the rain and cloudy weather with open arms because it's perfect drawing and painting weather. During the summer I get antsy while I work because I think of all the outdoor activities I could be up to! Anyway, here are some new character concepts, not fully polished, but the style and type of character are clear! As always, I included the silhouettes I do at the start of ever character concept I do.

Oh and here are a couple of pics of the field by where I am living now. Oregon is beautiful in the fall! Stay warm folks!