October 11, 2007

A not so quick...quickie

Yet another race from the Warhammer universe, this Dark Eldar gave me some trouble. Unlike the other races I had trouble finding good reference for Dark Eldar, so he ended up taking me much longer to finish than I expected. I tried to stay true to the feel of the race by making sure almost every part of him came to a sharp point...

October 3, 2007

Some more Quickies!!

Here are a couple more Warhammer inspired pieces. I tried to make these quick studies but the first one ended up taking around 40 minutes. The second took two hours, which is a lot longer than I wanted to spend on these but I couldn't stop until I felt the piece was...well, complete. I'll likely do a few more of these while I still have the Warhammer bug....till next time folks! :D