October 10, 2010

Using Painter...

It's been ages since I used Painter so when I wanted to do a quick study of a landscape I thought it was a good time to use it. Then I remembered why I didn't like using Painter. Although Painter is an excellent for getting a real life medium look, you can't fully utilize it unless you have the Intuos Art pen. The Art pen, which is different from the "Classic" pen, can register rotation. So the brush can rotate to the direction of your pen strokes. This is also a draw back in Photoshop but atleast in PS I can manually rotate the brush angle in brush controls. This does slow my process down, but I have that option which is better than nothing.

October 3, 2010

Desert village

Took one of my simple environment thumbnails and developed it into a full scene. The original thumbnail lacked story telling elements that I think are vital to an environment concept, so when I started developing the environment I had to work that stuff in. I'll have to be sure to work that stuff in right away next time.