April 15, 2008

New Concepts/Blog

Hey Folks, just finished a few things and thought it was time for a post. I was busy doing a painting for my brother this past month. But I forgot to take some pictures of it before mailing it off to him, so as soon as he sends me some pictures of it I'll be sure to post it. In the mean time, these are a couple of new concepts, I realized that I don't draw women as much as I should so I thought a female concept was in order. I was inspired by some photos taken from a costume carnival, I really liked the look of one of the models so I knew I had to do something based on the pictures I had of her. The second is a not too distant future soldier, he's an old concept of mine that I thought I should update and fix what I didn't like about him.

Now on to the new blog!! Well, it's not really a blog as much a portfolio. I originally planned to use this blog as my portfolio but I realized that anyone who wants to hire me doesn't want to scroll through paragraphs of type to look for my work, so I made a clean and simple portfolio. Be sure to check it out here and let me know what ya think!